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Role of the Parish Council

A Parish council is the first tier of local government and has three main areas of responsibility, to represent the interests and views of the local community, to deliver services which meet local needs and to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of the community

As your local parish council, we provide and maintain a variety of facilities and services for the benefit of the community. We are responsible for the provision of allotments and maintenance of local foot paths and bridleways, ditches and water courses, the children play park, recreational ground and the public toilets. In addition, the Parish Council is also responsible for the control of litter within the parish and the administration of parish facilities such as the Reading Room and the Village Hall.

At a district and county level the Parish Council also acts and represents the parish on issues such as planning, highways, street cleaning and lighting and traffic calming measures to Devon County and South Hams District councils.

The Parish Council is funded by levying a "precept" collected with the Council Tax paid by the residents of the parish. Parish councillors are unpaid volunteers elected to serve on the council typically for four-year period.

County & District Councillors

Dan Thomas - - Devon County &  South Hams District Councillor
Tom Edie - - South Hams District Councillor

Dementia Friendly

Holbeton is one of five local parishes that has made a commitment to be dementia friendly.
You can find out what this means here