Role of the Parish Council

A Parish council is the first tier of local government and has three main areas of responsibility, to represent the interests and views of the local community, to deliver services which meet local needs and to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of the community

As your local parish council, we provide and maintain a variety of facilities and services for the benefit of the community. We are responsible for the provision of allotments and maintenance of local foot paths and bridleways, ditches and water courses, the children play park, recreational ground and the public toilets. In addition, the Parish Council is also responsible for the control of litter within the parish and the administration of parish facilities such as the Reading Room and the Village Hall. 

At a district and county level the Parish Council also acts and represents the parish on issues such as planning, highways, street cleaning and lighting and traffic calming measures to Devon County and South Hams District councils.

The Parish Council is funded by levying a "precept" collected with the Council Tax paid by the residents of the parish. Parish councillors are unpaid volunteers elected to serve on the council typically for four-year period.

Members Roles and Appointments

May 2021

May 2021

Council Members

John Sherrel

Cllr J Sherrell (Chair)  

Photo of Julie Fuller

Julie Fuller

Cllr J Fuller (Deputy Chair)

I have lived in the village for 13 years and am married with two children and a dog. I am a family law solicitor by trade and was originally co-opted on to the parish council when I found myself between jobs! I have been a member of Holbeton Parish Council since 2009. In addition to the parish council, I have played an active role on both the Pre-school and the school association committees, as my children have moved up through the school. Consequently my role on the council has been largely centred on the younger members of our community as well as fulfilling the vice chairman position for the last couple of years.

Carol Ackroyd

Cllr C Ackroyd

I have lived in the parish for 24 years (I qualify as a ‘villager’ next year!) and am serving my fourth term as a Parish Councillor.I feel privileged to live in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a conservation area. I am committed to conservation and preservation of the natural and built environment. A Parish Council cannot represent the views of all the residents but I believe  it should attempt to act to support the wider interests of all the community to enable Holbeton Parish to remain a diverse and active  community that supports its residents.

Harry Baumer

Cllr H Baumer 

I have lived in Holbeton for over 30 years. Over that time I have seen many changes in the parish, and fully expect this to continue. A retired consultant paediatrician, I am involved with the new village hall project, Holbeton preschool, the twinners and the film club. I want to ensure a successful expansion of the parish, for the sake of the community, its school & preschool, the village store, the church, the Mildmay Colours and if possible the Dartmoor Union.

Photo of Chris Flower

Chris Flower

Cllr C Flower

Having lived in the village for over 30 years, (more than 25 years as a Parish Councillor) I would like to maintain a sustainable rural community by supporting local businesses such as the shop, the pub and the school and by continuing the pursuit of superfast broadband to benefit the rural economy. I will continue to support the protection of the local environment alongside the needs of the parish. I wish to maintain the essential character of our rural community but recognise that without some growth in our village, we risk the losing the facilities that are vital to village life.

Photo of Chris Flower

Nirosha Gunatillake

Cllr Nirosha Gunatillake

The outstanding community cohesion in the parish of Holbeton provides lifeblood to this area, with its strong agricultural foundations and natural environs of coast and woodlands. Since moving to Battisborough Cross in 2015, I have been the Chair of the Holbeton School Association (H.S.A)  and have been involved in various fundraising community events. I have a strong interest in high quality education, and view the School as an integral hub of village life and will continue to promote and support the school as a Parish Councillor.  The climate change emergency presents its own challenges here in the South Hams. I believe it is imperative we tackle climate change now by adopting new ways of living - by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and investing in sustainable products and businesses.

Photo of Andrew Hollett

Andrew Hollett

Cllr A Hollett

I have lived in Holbeton just over 30 years and I was born and grew up in Exeter. I served on the Parish Council some years ago and joined again at the last election. I am a member of the Holbeton Parish Council Climate Change Sub-Committee and I believe that Climate Change and its consequences is probably the biggest problem facing us today. I am also one of the trustees of Holbeton Village Hall.

Photo of Mike Reece

Mike Reece

Cllr M Reece  

The family have visited or occupied our property since the 1950s, so I have a good understanding of the local area. For 15 years I was the Chairman and trustee of the Village Hall and still hold the Entertainment License. My employment before I retired has left me with a comprehensive knowledge of the fire precaution and general regulations regarding public buildings. Although my duties on the Council are general, I am the point contact for the defibrillators, CPR training and the proposed night landing site for the Air Ambulance. I also have an interest in conservation of wildlife and fisheries in the local area.

Photo of Mike Reece

Trudie Timlin Brown

Cllr Trudie Timlin Brown

We have lived in the Parish for 9 years & moved into Holbeton 2 years ago. It is a wonderful community, to which I  would like to contribute. I am married with adult children and I have 2 small terriers regularly walking the Parish footpaths. I originally trained as a musician, playing in an orchestra in the Far East. I am now an artist & maker, loom weaving canvases.

County & District Councillors

Dementia Friendly

Holbeton is one of five local parishes that has made a commitment to be dementia friendly. You can find out what this means here -