What we are doing


Climate change often feels an impossible thing to do anything about. The changes needed are so great and so urgent.
Even if one of us did everything in our power to help, none of us can achieve change alone.

So that is why we need action at every level. If we do not adapt our own lives then the efforts that so many are making will not accomplish what is needed.

In December 2019 Holbeton Parish Council resolved to declare a climate emergency.
That means that everything that the council does needs to take climate change into consideration, and to act in any way that can help the situation we are all in.

Part of the solution is to restore our natural habitat, seriously degraded in our own lifetimes.
So, climate change actions need to go hand in hand with improvements to our environment.

We have developed an action plan that addresses things that we can do ourselves and lobby for things we can see need to change.
We have partners in the shape of 4 neighbouring parishes (The 5 Parish Alliance comprising Yealmpton, Brixton, Newton & Noss and Wembury) led by Matt Chown.
It is worth looking at the websites of Sustainable South Hams, and the climate change programmes of South Hams District Council, Devon County Council and Plymouth City Councils.
Their links are on a separate page.

We have a climate change sub-committee, with a mixture of parish councillors and local residents.
We meet monthly on the first Tuesday evening in the month in Holbeton Village hall at 7:30pm.

We advise the parish council, which remains the decision making body, meets just a week after us, and which firmly supports what we do,
We always welcome parishioners, do just turn up and join us - it's informal and usually fun!

We are fortunate in having a budget with which we can support and encourage projects within the parish. Details are on a separate page.

Achievements to date include:

A forum of parishioners wishing to be kept in touch

A climate change Facebook forum

A parish survey of lighting and electricity suppliers

An environmental and climate change library

Monthly environmental ‘tips of the month’ in Holbeton News

A wild flower area by the Reading Rooms with a noticeboard “where have all the flowers gone?”

Surveys of early purple orchids and of a meadow last surveyed 35 years previously

Talks from Yealm Community Energy and South Dartmoor Community Energy

An analysis of energy performance certificates on houses in the parish

Letter to our MP about South West Water’s sewage leaks, signed by 150 parishioners

An open meeting on sewage discharges into the river Erme with SWW representatives

Responses to a number of public consultations

Supporting a number of local projects

The books are to be enjoyed and read.
They are now held in All Saints Church by kind agreement from the Parochial Church Council.
Go into the church by the main door,
turn left and ahead you will see the books ranged on the back pew, with the local tapestry above.
The library will now be open every day as is the church.
You can either sit in the church and dip into a book or two, or borrow a book to read at home.
We would ask that you return the book you have borrowed,
and if possible leave a note of which book you are holding as well as your name and contact details.