Funding Projects

Holbeton Parish Council is fortunate enough to have ring fenced funds to support local environmental and climate change projects that assist the council in enacting its environmental action plan.
This plan can be found on the climate change page along with our environmental policy document.

Our funding comes from an agreement relating to the development of a large solar farm just outside the parish boundary, Creacombe Solar Farm.
Realistically this fund will only be able to provide sums of up to a maximum of around £1,000 to £1,500 for each project in any one year.

We are happy to help you get your project proposal right if you feel this would be helpful.
Just contact Cllr Harry Baumer ( for further information.

The council has agreed the following criteria for use of the fund:

  • The funds should be spent in support of the Holbeton Parish Council’s Environmental Action Plan, and that this should be the sole use for the money.
  • The funds should either support stated actions in Holbeton Parish Council’s Environmental Action Plan or meet the aims of the Action Plan & be consistent with Holbeton Parish Council’s Environmental policy.
  • Proposals for spending should include an assessment of the likely impact on the environment.
  • Though spending should primarily benefit Holbeton Parish’s environment, projects combined with other local organisations and with wider, shared benefits can also be considered.
  • Funding is intended for one off projects and not for subsequent maintenance.

We do not fund the following:

  • Grant or loan schemes run by third parties.
  • Individuals. If you are applying as an individual the parish council must oversee the project.
  • Commercial companies.
  • Statutory organisations or the direct replacement of statutory funding.
  • Political groups or activities promoting political beliefs.
  • Religious groups primarily in order to promote religious beliefs.
  • Activities that are intended to raise funds for other organisations.