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Two Thirds of Ivybridge Residents Surveyed Support a New Store



Ahead of the planning decision expected in July for the District Council’s Ivybridge Regeneration Project, there have been lots of questions and interest from the public.

South Hams District Council want to take the opportunity to explain the thinking behind the proposals. Here they answer some of the frequently asked questions.

Before starting this journey, the Council carried out a public consultation, which showed that 66% (of nearly 2,000) respondents felt a new supermarket would improve footfall into the town centre and supported the proposals.

As a result of public support, the Council took a decision to proceed in February 2021.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions to what will happen IF the planning application is approved and the project goes ahead.

What will happen to the car park during the construction phase?

During construction there will be some capacity challenges; however, the Council will put in place measures to limit the difficulties as far as possible.

These include:

A free park and ride shuttle bus service running throughout the day, from the train station car park to Leonard’s Road car park, funded entirely by the District Council.

In addition to around 25 extra parking spaces provided next to the leisure centre.

What will happen to the car park when the project is complete?

The capacity of the car park will be maintained offering a mix of free, short and long stay car parking options and prices. Permit holders will still be able to park within the car park as usual.

How will the development help with economic regeneration of the town?

An independent economic assessment commissioned by South Hams District Council called the CACI Report carried out at the same time as the residents’ public survey in 2020 forecast that the new store would see 13,000 additional trips made to the high street boosting footfall within the town centre.

The report estimated that this would result in 16% more money and being spent in the high street. The economic study reported that residents were still shown to support their local independent shops through ‘cross shopping’.

Why is the store in the centre of town and not on the outskirts?

The project was envisaged to meet the aims of the town’s Neighbourhood Plan, to ensure retail growth within the town centre to increase the town’s economy and anchor other retailers to the centre.

The Plan states that it wants to limit retail developments outside of the town centre to ensure shoppers remain on the high street.

What about the skate park?

The District Council has a strong track record of delivering parks and sports facilities for communities. In this instance, the planning permission will see the replacement of the existing skate park with a new facility close by.

A suitable site has been found alongside the river, at the back of the leisure centre and will be developed as part of the project.

A South Hams District Council’s spokesperson, said: “It is important to remember what our residents where consulted upon in 2020 which resulted in strong public support for the project at that time.

“It is a live planning application and understandably this is attracting a lot of interest. We recognise the concerns raised and we continue to work hard to address these.

“The Council welcomes all feedback throughout the process and we hope that residents will take the time to submit their views through the planning portal.”

To find out more about the Ivybridge Regeneration project and to have your say on the application, please go to:

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