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A379 Roadworks – Between Modbury and the River Erme

The following communication has been received from Rufus Gilbert:

To update you on the traffic lights between Fancy and Edmunston which is between Modbury and the River Erme. You will have noticed they are still in place with little or no activity.

Unfortunately, when clearing the drains and ploughing back the edge in preparation for further work, it was found that the road edge had large cracks/structural damage and thereby classifies as a safety risk to traffic. I regret to inform you that at present this inconvenience has no termination date and will require considerable structural work to allow the road to open as normal.

Please can you relay this email to anyone within your communities whom might need to know and regularly uses the road for work or hospital etc.

Thank you.


DCC Cllr. Rufus Gilbert

Temporary traffic restriction at: Membland Cross To Alston Cross, Road Past Lambside Farm, 13th- 21st Aug

Devon County Council have issued a notice of a temporary traffic restriction at: Membland Cross To Alston Cross, Road Past Lambside FarmNewton Ferrers.
You can view any associated documents by clicking on the traffic restriction and scrolling down to the attached PDF’s.
If you have any queries regarding this closure please contact