South Hams Waste and Recycling Service - An Update

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November 2023

Waste Service Update

south hams waste recycling crew

As we introduce changes to the District's waste and recycling service this week, we're pleased to report that we completed all rounds yesterday without any major issues, and the new recycling transfer station at Torr Quarry worked effectively and safely.

Our troubleshooting process also ran smoothly, which helped to ensure the rounds went well and crews had all the information they needed to address any issues.

What has become apparent is that despite writing to every household, conducting BBC TV interviews, and a media and social media campaign, a significant percentage of households did not present their waste yesterday.

Out of the circa 17,000 collections on Monday, we have received 34 missed collections, which we are collecting on Tuesday.

Our commitment is that we will go back to collect any household that we have genuinely missed, such as that they presented their waste and the crews did not log it as ‘not presented’ or ‘not out’.

We have resources in place to collect these the next day.

However, we will not be returning for the ‘not presented’ households.

Residents will realise this when they try to report a missed collection - the website will tell them they are unable to request this as they did not present their waste.

We expect that a number of these residents will get in touch with our contact centre (who have been briefed) and then possibly yourselves.

We would appreciate that if you are contacted, that you explain to residents that if they failed to present their waste / recycling, we are unable to go back to collect, and that they need to present it on the correct day.

Residents can check when their new collection day will be on our website here:

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