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6 October 2022

Energy matters, financial support and support for your home

Improving Homes and Reducing Costs


With costs rising, now is the time to manage your costs and reduce your fuel bills, so we are here to help you with information and advice. We have set out a range of schemes and initiatives to help you manage your energy use more efficiently.

What Grants and Schemes are Available?

  • The Energy Company Obligation, this is where we facilitate grants from big energy companies to install a variety of measures, e.g. all types of insulation through to heating upgrades in eligible households.
  • South Dartmoor Community Energy offer free and impartial, independent advice from local advisers on how to reduce energy bills and help with heating to struggling households.
  • The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) are what landlords are expected to comply with. Working with the South Dartmoor Community Energy, we is identify rental properties that do not comply with the minimum energy efficiency standards. All rental properties must be rated E and above unless properly exempted. The landlords are given initial advice on how to get compliance with the regulations. Formal action will be taken against non-compliant landlords who are not willing to undertake the necessary work.
  • Energy Efficiency Loans can be offered by us for energy efficiency measures. This is through our loan partner, Lendology. They can also help households on oil, LPG and solid fuel to bulk-buy fuel with a 0% loan.
  • Under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Help to Heat local flexible eligibility, energy suppliers and installers will be able to offer grants, using our eligibility criteria. This allows them to install fully funded or subsidised energy saving measures for households, which have been declared eligible. We do not provide the funding; it is provided by the Energy Companies themselves.
  • All of the schemes and initiatives listed are subject to terms and conditions. In most cases, this would mean a gross household income of less than £31,000.

Installation Companies


We do not recommend any particular installation company and you are advised that eligibility under the scheme may not necessarily result in a full grant.

A number of installers have however signed our Code of Practice to say how they will engage with house owners. This will always be in writing (or through social media).

There have some been worrying reports of people posing as our representatives knocking on doors and offering home energy improvements. This is NOT something that we would do.

If any company cold calls at your door, we strongly advise, you do NOT engage with them or allow them into your home.

If in doubt, please contact us at to verify the installer is genuine.

Door salesmen

Prepare for the Future


It might not be possible to get these home improvements done before this winter. Many people will also be looking at their long-term fuel usage and planning for next year’s winter.

With that in mind, residents are being urged to look at the schemes now to see if they are eligible and to start preparing for the future.

Find Out More

If you would like to know more about the schemes or make an enquiry to us, click on the link below.

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