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Plans Shape Up for Future Talks


Issued: 21 September 2023

At their meeting on Thursday 21 September, South Hams District Council’s Executive committee set out their draft aims and ambitions for the next four years in their proposed Corporate Strategy for 2024-2028.

The draft corporate strategy has been developed in response to known challenges, such as the lack of truly affordable housing for local people and the climate and biodiversity crisis.

The strategy being considered is by no means all that the Council will do to support South Hams’ communities. It is aimed as a broad framework, with a number of focus areas which also include supporting the economy and delivering frontline services. Services like street cleansing, planning and enforcement that will improve the District for residents.

The ’Let’s Talk’ consultations will involve a series of engagements, which are proposed to run from Monday 25 September until Friday 20 October, and will include:

•   An online survey on the full strategy

•   A series of ‘short polls’ on social media channels on individual aims

•   Conversations with key partners, including town and parish councils

•   Public consultation sessions at various locations across the District

•   Paper survey (on request) for anyone not online digitally

First viewpoints taken from residents during election campaigns and from local town and parish councils have already been included within the draft strategy. Further conversations with communities, key partners and a wider audience will follow during consultations over the coming months.

Publishing the draft strategy is intended to create a talking point for further conversations with residents.

Leader of the District Council, Cllr Julian Brazil, is encouraging residents to take a look at the draft aims and ambitions and have their say.

Cllr Brazil, said: “South Hams is a very special place, but it also has its challenges. The lack of local affordable housing is an ongoing issue that is a top priority for the Council to address. Together with the environment and biodiversity issues it will all take time to find solutions. But in everything we do, we have South Hams’ communities at the heart.”

“We’ve been listening to our communities and really believe that the strategy being considered reflects those things that matter to our residents. Residents need to know that they’ll have a safe and secure place to call home, they expect us to take steps to ensure we protect the environment and we need to ensure that there is opportunity to have a well-paid job in the South Hams.

“But this isn’t our strategy, it’s a strategy that we all need to get behind. From the end of September, you will get your chance either in person, or online to give your views. You can also contact us for a paper copy if that makes it easier for you.”

The consultation will be open for four weeks to give you a chance to give us your thoughts. Then we’ll look at each and every one of your comments and see if we need to adjust our proposals.

From Monday 25 September you can have your say by visiting ourcorporatestrategy.commonplace.is or emailing your thoughts to: strategy@swdevon.gov.uk

To read the full report, go to: www.southhams.gov.uk/Executive

You can also watch the meeting online at: www.youtube.com/user/southhamscouncil

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