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Park and Ride Compromise Proposals Agreed


Issued: 14 March 2024

South Hams District Council’s Executive have listened to local partners and today agreed a compromised range of parking and travel proposals for Dartmouth’s Park and Ride. The new plans would create a service which meet current demand, supports the town’s needs and reduce the total cost of the service.

The service would run in the height of the summer season between Saturday 25 May until Sunday 15 September, but would also provide a service over the peak Easter holidays and the busy Dartmouth Music Festival, Regatta and Food Festival periods.

All-day return tickets per vehicle would cost £7.50, reduced from the proposed £10 to meet cost pressures following no price increases in over a decade. Coach parking would rise to £10 in a bid to manage costs while continuing to promote tourism within the town.

A range of local permits are available, including the introduction of a new worker permit:

  • Park and Ride 12 month permit - £317 per year
  • Park and Ride Business 12 month permit - £555 per year
  • A monthly park and ride worker permit - £57 per month

The service, operated by Stagecoach, have also had their contract renewed following a service review.

Outside of the Park and Ride timetable, improved access to the Park and Ride and Health Hub will be provided by the 92 public bus service which the Council have negotiated with Stagecoach to make sure a service is provided at the Park & Ride site for easier public access to the Health Hub.

The Council will be running a public 21-day consultation on the proposals which will be advertised shortly in the press, via the Council’s social media and on their website.

Cllr Victor Abbott, our Executive Member for Community Services and Operations, said: "The Park and Ride costs us a lot of money to run and for 14 years we haven’t raised our prices, while costs around us have kept rising.

“We have met with our Dartmouth local partners, Dartmouth Chamber of Commerce, Town Council and local councillors and have come up with a compromise on charges. Some of the losses to the Council will reduce, but not go entirely.

“When we have the technology in place, we will work on a residents’ permit and the potential of a combined Lower Ferry and Park and Ride one too. We’re doing everything we can to get the best deal for Dartmouth for this service with the finances available.

“We want your views so please do have your say on our public consultation once it is live in the coming weeks.”

Cllr Cathy Campos, Dartmouth Deputy Mayor and Dartmouth Town Councillor, said: “Dartmouth Town Council is very relieved to have been given the opportunity to work with South Hams District Council on modifying their original proposals for the Dartmouth Park and Ride.

“The South Hams Executive listened to us and the Dartmouth and District Chamber of Commerce, and we would like to thank them for doing so. We feel the new proposals are a fair compromise and support them.

“We would also like to thank our three-ward members for their support and arguing Dartmouth’s corner. We hope this spirit of compromise and cooperation with South Hams District Council signals a new closer relationship between Town and District Council.”

Cllr Ben Cooper, Ward Member for Dartmouth, said: “As local members we have been key in getting this compromise for Dartmouth residents and businesses. We have raised a number of new ideas including extending the service for the music festival and I’m also personally keen to see a joint Lower Ferry and Park and Ride pass.”

Cllr Jonathan Hawkins, Ward Member for Dartmouth, said: “Thank you to the Executive for listening to the Chamber of Commerce and local Members. You have listened to a lot of what has been said. I think the charge is fair. Although I would of course prefer zero, I understand we can’t do that.

“I am particularly pleased that a monthly tickets is available and will continue to press for a full resident permit that is cost effective for our residents. Let’s make the Park & Ride look really good, welcoming to Dartmouth and the South Hams and signpost it well.

Cllr Ged Yardy, Ward Member for Dartmouth, said: “I welcome the proposals and I recognise there are some good compromises that support the needs of local residents and workers versus the increased costs of Stagecoach. The savings with the monthly passes are very much welcome.

“I recognise that the Council is doing their best to accommodate the festivals and tourism, so that is really good. I’m also really happy with the collaboration which is taking place between the different parties and the community.”

Jo Hinde & Laura Campbell, Co-Chairs Dartmouth & District Chamber of Commerce, said: “The Dartmouth and District Chamber of Commerce welcomed the opportunity to meet with the Leader, Deputy Leader and officers from South Hams District Council (SHDC), to discuss a recent review of the Park & Ride service for the town. The Chamber, together with representatives of Dartmouth Town Council and our three District Councillors were able to provide the local context during the meeting to help the Council make informed decisions as part of their review.

“This was a great collaborative process which will help to shape the service to achieve SHDC’s objectives while continuing to meet the town’s needs. The Chamber looks forward to working with SHDC again when the community have responded as part of a meaningful process.”

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