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Holbeton Village Stores – Here to Help!

Here are some things that we can do to help make life a bit easier for you.  One of them is being here if you need a chat.  Just pop in or give us a bell and have a catch up!
As you may have seen on either the Parish Council website or on Holbeton What's On Facebook page we are offering to deliver shopping to your doorstep. We can leave the items in a box outside your door if you wish to avoid contact.
If you feel that you would like to get out and come and pick them up then you are more than welcome to do so.  When you arrive we can put the items outside on the wall for you to take without coming into close proximity.
We will deliver any lines that we have in stock to your doorstep by 8am if you leave an answer phone message ( 01752 830246) or email us (holbetonvillagestores@outlook.com) the evening before.  You can pay by BACS, cheque or cash.
We have daily deliveries of bread, meat, fruit and veg and a weekly fish delivery. For these fresh items please use the following guidelines on when to place your order:
Bread orders given to us by 12 noon will be delivered to you by 8am the next day.
Meat orders given to us by 9am will be delivered to you by 8am the next day.
Fruit and Veg orders given to us by 6pm delivered to you by 8am the next day.
Fish orders given to us by 12 noon on Wednesday will be delivered to you by 8am on Friday.
We have had offers from local people to help deliver goods for us which will enable us to get to you outside our normal morning delivery time.  If a later time in the day would be best for you just let us know that when you place your order.
If you have things to post then we can pick them up from you and get them posted.
We can pick up and drop off your dry cleaning.
We can drop off nets of logs and kindling.
If you speak to your pharmacy they will deliver your prescriptions here and we will drop them out to you.
And of course there is still the milk, bread and paper round 7 days a week.
If you just fancy a chat or there is anything else we can do for you, then please give us a ring!
Jack and Zoe
Holbeton Village Stores
01752 830246

Parish Council – Coronavirus (Covid 19) information – Post 2

As many of you will be aware the government updated its advice regarding coronavirus on Thursday. The updated advice is available by following the link below.


The updated advice is that you should stay at home if you have a high temperature  or/and have a new continuous cough. In this situation you do not need to contact your GP or NHS 111. This is to relieve the pressure on these services  so they can concentrate on the most vulnerable and seriously ill people. You must  contact these services if you are struggling to cope at home or you still have symptoms after 7 days.

The advice on how to manage staying at home is available by following the link below.


If anyone is staying at home and needs support in collecting shopping or medication please contact the Parish Councillors named below.

Cllr Andrew Hollett. Tel. 830361       andrew.hollett@btinternet.com

Cllr Trudie  Timlin Brown   Tel  830683  bathebrown@aol.com

We are aware that the level of media coverage can make this situation feel overwhelming and frightening leading to anxiety in people. If you are concerned or don't understand some of the terms in the media or advice sites Clr Baumer (Retired Consultant) and Di Baumer ( Retired Public Health Nurse) have kindly offered to give telephone or email advice. They can be contacted as detailed below. This is NOT an alternative to receiving individual advice from your GP or Specialist Medical Care Team. It is part of our broader community response.

Dr H. Baumer  830274 harry@luson.plus.com

Di Baumer  830274 dianaebaumer@googlemail.com

C L Ackroyd

Parish Council. Coronavirus (Covid 19) information – Post 1

Message from the Parish Council

Although Holbeton can often feel remote we are very likely to be affected by this virus. This may mean people who are vulnerable needing to self isolate or people actually becoming unwell. As a community the council is sure we will all attempt to support each other. Please be aware of neighbours who are vulnerable and may need assistance even if it is only a phone call to check all is well. There is a lot of misinformation available online and in some parts of the media. Please take advice from official sites. We attach links below to the NHS advice for all and a link to HSE advice for businesses.



For those who have been or will be advised to self isolate the current advice is available at the link below.


Holbeton Village Stores have offered to take orders by telephone or email ( for those affected) and make deliveries -probably in the evenings.

They can be contacted on 830246 or holbetonvillagestores@outlook.com

C L Ackroyd

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