Holbeton Parish Council – Broadband Access Grant Scheme

The government is funding a voucher scheme to enable households and businesses in rural areas to access high speed broadband connections. The vouchers are £1500 for households and £3500 for businesses. The voucher is not handed over to individuals - instead, you will have to contact a broadband supplier in your area to handle the subsidy, and two or more residents in a "group scheme" are needed to qualify. There is more information on the following government website https://gigabitvoucher.culture.gov.uk/

This includes a postcode checker which then gives you a list of suppliers for this area if you are eligible. Cllr Andrew Hollett andrew.hollett@btinternet.com  has kindly offered to compile a list of those interested and put them in touch with each other. You may need to change your provider if they are not listed.

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