Parish Council. Coronavirus (Covid 19) information – Post 1

Message from the Parish Council

Although Holbeton can often feel remote we are very likely to be affected by this virus. This may mean people who are vulnerable needing to self isolate or people actually becoming unwell. As a community the council is sure we will all attempt to support each other. Please be aware of neighbours who are vulnerable and may need assistance even if it is only a phone call to check all is well. There is a lot of misinformation available online and in some parts of the media. Please take advice from official sites. We attach links below to the NHS advice for all and a link to HSE advice for businesses.

For those who have been or will be advised to self isolate the current advice is available at the link below.

Holbeton Village Stores have offered to take orders by telephone or email ( for those affected) and make deliveries -probably in the evenings.

They can be contacted on 830246 or

C L Ackroyd

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