Warning of subsidence on road between Ramsland and Wonwell Cross

It has been brought to the attention of the parish council that the road between Ramsland and Wonwell Cross is is poor condition due to subsidence. Recently a scaffolding lorry, delivering to Holbeton School, was damaged whilst pulling into one of the passing places between Ramsland Farm and Wonwell Cross. Its front nearside wheel went over the edge of the road, and the lorry had to be rescued by a recovery vehicle. Similarly it has been reported that the school bus had also done exactly the same, but in the other passing place a few yards along the road. Both sections have subsided into the field, and the larger of the two passing places is appears to be very dangerous.

The issue has been reported  to Devon Highways as an emergency and the parish council will be chasing progress to ensure it is addressed in a timely fashion.  In the meantime, please take care and warn as many people as possible of the danger.

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